Party Trays and Sushi Combo

Easy entertaining

Starts with our special collection of fresh and delicious sushi combos and party trays. Sushi Combo is good choice for one-person meal. Also, our party tray serves 3-5 people.

A: Maki Party Tray      $35

(44 pcs Sushi + 10 pcs of mini spring rolls)

2 California rolls, Ebi Ebi roll, BC roll, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll


B: Deluxe Nigiri Party Tray      $39

(45 pcs )

California roll, Dynamite roll, yam roll,

Spicy Tuna roll, Avocado roll, Cucumber roll,

2 Salmon Nigiri, 2 Tuan Nigiri, and 2 Ebi Nigiri


C: Vegetarian Party Tray      $35

(48 pcs )

2 Yam rolls, avocumber roll, mushroom roll,

cucumber roll, Oshinko roll, & 4 Inari Nigiri


Sushi Combo

Vegetarian Combo ————— <20> $11.75

(Yam roll, cucumber roll, avocado roll)

Little Combo ———————– <18> $11.25

(Salmon roll, tuna roll, cucumber roll)

California Combo —————– <22>  $14.25

(California roll, spicy tuna roll, yam roll)

Dynamite Combo ——————- <13> $10.75

(Dynamite roll & California roll)

Spicy Combo ————————– <20> $14.25

(Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy California roll)




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